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Accelerate your trading proficiency  with the oracle's consulTATION
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Many individuals lose money in trading by purchasing unnecessary courses, joining dubious call groups, and relying solely on guesswork. However, after years of experience and consistent success, Oracle has developed 'War on the 1-Minute Chart,' a simplified and gamified approach to trading cryptocurrencies and stocks.

With this method, there's no need for complicated technical analysis or hours spent staring at complex charts. You may have already seen Oracle on YouTube, and now you have the opportunity to learn his secrets of success almost overnight!

Our consultation package, known as 'Oracle Full Package Consultation Plus,' includes the renowned Oracle personal consultation. In just one hour, you can learn to trade like Oracle, a feat that would otherwise take years on your own. Once you schedule your session with Oracle, you won't need to prepare a list of questions or anything. Oracle will share his screen with you and precisely explain step-by-step when to trade, when not to trade, and exactly how he enters and exits his trades within minutes.

Say goodbye to guessing and start earning today.

Unlike others who sell video courses that span eight hours, leaving little time for busy individuals, Oracle goes above and beyond. He will share his screen with you, explaining everything to ensure your understanding. By the end of this single session, you will have the ability to trade 'War on the 1-Minute Chart' with high leverage and achieve great results.

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Trader Package One
0.061 BTC
Included in the Trader Package One are the following benefits: 
Oracle Full Package Consultation Plus
0.11 BTC
Included in the
Consult War Room Package are the following additional benefits: 
  • Discord access: The DTU (Daily Trade Updates), where Oracle constantly posts real-time updates while he trades, keeping you informed

  • The Drill Down Manifesto Room: Exclusive videos that will help you avoid common mistakes like shorting local bottoms and longing local tops

  • Access to additional rooms, such as the Non-Trading room, Discord-Only videos and the Main Shot, where you can communicate with like-minded traders who follow the Oracle system

  • The O-tech Strategy Room: Learn specific techniques like the '086, the AM pumps, the timing of Bitcoin dumps, and more

  • The Future Cast Room: Witness Oracle's most entertaining and astonishing price predictions, along with the history of his successful hits

  • This package allows you to make a one-time payment, granting you access to everything and the opportunity to finally acquire a skill that no one can take away from you! You will never be alone in this journey

Imagine earning thousands of dollars per day without needing to buy crypto because you're consistently earning it whenever you desire. The possibilities are endless!

  • Take your trading to the next level with the ORACLE FULL PACKAGE CONSULTATION PLUS. This comprehensive package includes everything from the Trader Package One, providing you with access to the entire Discord community

  • In addition to the regular Discord channels, you gain exclusive access to the Green Room, also known as the War Room. This is where traders who have personally trained with Oracle, come together to trade. After your one-on -one consultation, you will be introduced to this room, unlocking its benefits. In the Green Room, you can share your charts, ask questions, and receive post-consultation support. This room is designed for serious and dedicated individuals, the Ultra-Achievers. 

  • You will have access to the entire Discord community, including the DTU, Stock Trading Room, Future Cast, and the Green War Room, where Oracle trades alongside all of us. It's important to note that this is not just a ordinary call group; our trading is too fast paced for that. Here, you will learn to trade successfully anywhere, anytime, becoming part of the elite and surrounding yourself with the best of the best. You will receive ongoing personal attention

  • Consult Recap Videos: We offer consult recap videos to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of what you learned

  • Live ZOOM Calls with The Oracle: As a member, you gain exclusive access to interactive Live Zoom calls with the Oracle himself

  • The package also features the Oracle Stock Trading Room, where you can trade popular stocks with high leverage. Oracle shares his insights on earnings and offers one-day stock plays

You can pay for any of our packages in Bitcoin (BTC) or Cash App. 


Tell us the program you want, The Trader Package One with Discord access or The Oracle Full Package Consultation Plus, unlimited Discord access and unlimited Green War Room access after your consultation! 

Discord Members are Subject to following Oracle's Discord Group Rules upon joining. No refund is available for members found breaking those rules, If you lose your account, discord codes or if discord the service or the Oracle server ends, there is no refund.

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