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The Oracle's Consult
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0.05 BTC

The Oracle Consultation and ongoing discord support. A complete personal education for only 0.05 BTC 

What do you get?

Oracle will teach you how he enters, exits and all aspects of War on the 1 min chart in a consultation and teach you how he trades in a zoom call. This is a very special opportunity to learn a simple, understandable way of trading you can master.


During the consult Oracle will answer 99% of the questions you may have before you even ask them. So don’t worry, you don’t need a list of questions or lots of experience.

It gets even better!


After the consult you level up to green status and have access to the consult war room with all the traders Oracle has ever trained and Oracle himself is there most of the time to help guide you, so you are never alone! In this room you can ask your questions and post your charts as we are here to help you.


People are blown away as to how easy this is once Oracle explains it to you personally. Believe it or not, yes you can learn to trade like Oracle in just 1 zoom session. There is more, after your consult you have the WAR ROOM this is a special room with all the people trained by Oracle. In the war room you can have ongoing help even from Oracle himself. This system is set up, so you learn this skill for life, and we are by your side to ensure your success.


Have your 0.05 BTC ready for immediate access. Don’t get scammed by imposters.

Consult With The Oracle

A live consultation with The Oracle, where he teaches you his strategy for Entering and Exiting Trades Perfectly.

Consult War Room Chat

Private war room with over 750 successful traders trained personally by The Oracle. This full packages gives you lifetime discord access and the green war room.

Consult Recap Videos

Recap videos of what you learned during your consult with The Oracle.

Live Zoom Calls with The Oracle

Consult members get to join The Oracle's Live Streams and can ask anything related to their consult.

Get all this, the consultation, ongoing help and more for only 0.05 BTC. That's right, a fraction of a bitcoin and you can learn a skill for life!
This is The Only Email You should contact, Any Other Email is an impersonator
and may be trying to scam you.


Discord Members are Subject to following Oracle's Discord Group Rules upon joining. No refund is available for members found breaking those rules, If you lose your account, discord codes or if discord the service or the Oracle server ends, there is no refund.

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What are Oracle's

Students Saying?

Real people. Real Results.

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Beat the market with a Simple Proven Strategy

With your membership, you'll have access to an Elite Community of traders who specialize on velocity trades on the one minute chart. This is NOT a signals group, Here you'll learn the art of war on the one minute chart and profit greatly from the market's volatility within minutes, sometimes seconds!

Consult with The Oracle

You will be Personally trained by The Oracle where you learn what to look for to enter a trade and exit perfectly and with max profit, within a minutes, sometimes seconds. Maximizing your gains and minimizing your loses,  After which you will have Access to Consult exclusive videos and Consult only Chat room where other Top Tier Elites trained by Oracle discuss their trades and help each other if they stray away from The Strategy. You will never be alone, you are now one of us.

Daily Trade Update & Future Cast

You'll experience The Oracle's trades, from open to profit, all in real time, In the Daily Trade Updates. Predictions of future numbers for BTC or ETH can be found in the Future Cast room. You can be sure they all hit within due time with keen precision.

Discord & Consult Exclusive 

Video Lessons 

Discord and Consult exclusive videos designed to fasten your learning and sharpen your skills. You will learn How to avoid getting liquidated, Wallet management, Core number trading, Passive income, Trading psychology, Emotional control and even how to attract the life that you want. A massive wealth of exclusive knowledge at your hands.

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Why No Technical Analysis ever Works!

It's been Proven: 90% of traders loose with Technical Analysis, which is the study of the past and a Guess based on tomorrow.

We don't use 4 monitors, We don't stare at charts, We make a decision based on direction and then we go to War on the One Minute Chart!

Our Trades usually last only a few minutes and you can earn more than a Stock Day Traders dream. Anyone can do this, whether you're a Pro Trader or a Home Maker, even if you've never trader before, You can learn this Simple Game of War.

War on the One Minute Chart

The One minute chart is a dangerous place, Technical Analysis and indicators are a lie and they do not work. You don't need to spend your valuable time staring at charts, drawing lines and messing with indicators.


The only thing that works and is proven by time and time again by Thousands of students and hundreds of live trading videos is The Oracle's Strategy on the One Minute Chart.

To inquire about Joining, Email:
This is The Only Email You should contact, Any Other Email is an impersonator
and may be trying to scam you.

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